Financial Calculators

Intrinsic Value DCF

This calculator uses business factors such as current earnings and future growth rates to calculate the intrinsic value of a business, Warren Buffett style.

Real Estate Investment Return

This tool calculates the rate of return that might be earned from a property investment. In addition, it includes details around rent, capital gains and the potential loan that might be used in a real estate investment.

Net Worth Projection

To get a feel for how net worth might develop over time, this calculator combines the financial details around a home, consumer debt and investments to model asset and liability amounts over time.

Compound Interest Investment Balance

To see the true power of compounding, this calculator combines a current investment balance plus any future contributions to project the balance of investments over time.

Retiremet (FIRE)

To assess the plausibility of a particular retirement age, this calculator combines investment habit assumptions with an assumed rate of return to calculate a plausible retirement age and retirement savings amount.


These calculators are models and are not intended to be predictions. Results are only estimates, and the calculations could have errors. Any actual amounts may be higher or lower. There are many other considerations such as changes in the economic environment which the model does not consider.

This calculator is not intended to be financial advice. Consider getting advice from a licensed financial adviser before taking any course of action. The content provided from these calculators are for informational purposes only, and no information should be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. I (Luke) am not a financial adviser.

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