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My name is Luke and I’m a value investing fanatic who would love to share my thoughts and ideas with like-minded investors around the world.

I am a follower of history’s great investors such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Phil Fisher and Ben Graham, and am excited about sharing my thoughts and explorations of concepts around value investing and personal finance.

I’m formally educated in commerce and actuarial science, but admittedly, my journey of learning and practising value investing has occurred completely outside the walls of official classrooms.

Hopefully, you can gain some value and enjoyment from my posts!

What to expect on Snowball Investing?

Investing Articles

These articles include investment case studies from some of the world’s best investors and other lessons and ideas around value investing and personal finance.

Financial Calculators

These include a discounted cash flow calculator, retirement calculator, net worth projection calculator, real estate investment return calculator and compound interest calculator!

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